"Safe for baby. Green Playroom for Children"

The Dwinguler Kids Play Mat is:
  • The world's premium baby and kids play mat
  • Has been specifically created for kids and is reversible
  • Made with eco-friendly materials and is absolutely safe for the family
  • Has been fully tested and is compliant with worldwide safety standards for chemical based children's products
  • The very best playroom mat offering excellent cushioning, waterproofing, and various designs and sizes.

The Dwinguler Branding

Meaning of 'Dwinguler' 

Dwinguler is a Phonetic transcription of a Korean word meaning 'rolling about'. This is represented in the English letter 'W' which symbolises a mother and child together on a mat. The colours are blue and pink emphasising the innocence of children and the love of a mother.
The English letter 'L' symbolises bountiful wealth, with a silver spoon to indicate a comfortable space where children of the world can grow healthy and rich.