Please take a few moments to consider the features of the Dwinguler Play Mats. Designed to be used by the whole family every day for many years; these mats have been produced to the highest possible standard from the best quality materials in the world. The result is a premium play mat unlike anything else that can be enjoyed for a long time.

 4 Stages of Safety

From baby through to school age our children are on the floor every day. The benefits of a Dwinguler Play Mat in the home will continue to be enjoyed as your children and family grow. One fantastic Dwinguler Play Mat can be used all over the home as your children grow and develop.

The waterproof surface means food, drink, dribble, vomit and wees from baby and kids are no problem. Simply wipe up with a soft cloth or paper towel, it makes life far more practical with kids.
The cushioning offered by the mat means rolling, tumbling, sitting up, crawling, walking, and all the other physical activities are much safer and more comfortable on the mat.
The designated space offers a great area to use and enjoy as a parent on the floor with our children. Being on their level to play, teach, and learn means more memorable and family oriented times together.


Test Reports

The Dwinguler Play Mats are tested annually to the stringent US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) as well as other world standards including EN 71 and ISO 8124. They have been found to contain no harmful or toxic chemicals and elements, and the test reports have been included below to view. This means that the Dwinguler Kids Play Mats are the very best quality play mats for our children.
Safety, Durability, and Quality are intrinsic to the Dwinguler brand and product. Please be assured that your children's new play space for the next few years is safe for all the family and for the environment.


Each Dwinguler Play Mat comes individually rolled and packaged in its own box. Simply unpack, unroll, wipe-over, and enjoy.
The Dwinguler Play Mat is backed by a 12 month manufacturer's warranty which covers manufacture fault. Included with your new mat is a User Guide and warranty card to review and keep with your records.